Our Story

Halifornia Apparel
(Photography: @kaylinamelia) 
Our Story 
Our brand began in the small city of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Which is a golden coast all on its own. Since 1749, it has always been a vibrant city where good times are bound to happen. Whether you're taking in the sights or hitting the town with your friends, the city never disappoints.  
Living the Halifornia lifestyle means learning to embrace every day while just being a little bit of a perfectionist. To wear Halifornia means loving to laugh, play and learn - patience is not an option. We represent a new generation that feels entitled because we know we have the power to change the world.With all of our products, we try to embrace the Halifornia lifestyle.
So if you consider yourself bold. Why not join us?


If you have any questions visit us on our contact us page. 


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